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MASKS the is page of Sylvia Janousek, whom we got to know in Venice this year (really a very charming person!). As the name of the homepage already suggests, Sylvia is a big fan of the Venice Carnival and hasn't missed one in several years. She doesn't only take part in the festival with several masks, but is a photographer as well. On her page, one can steal a glance at a masks' view of the Venice Carnival. Don't miss this site! is the homepage of the Renz family from Ravensburg in Germany. They're part of the festival since 2001, showing different and beautiful masks each year. The mask of Sabine Renz, "il caduto angelo" (the fallen angel), was (sageo's) Sabines favorite mask of this years carnevale.
PHOTOGRAPHERS is the page of a good friend of ours, who is a very ambitious photographer. He was the one who brought us to the Venice Carnival last year for the very first time. We got "infected" with this virus immediately, as he had been the year before... seems to be the German compendium of everything related to Venetian Carnival. Beneath own pictures of the Carnival, Helfried Mallow and Anke Wittmann collected a huge number of nice and interesting links to pages of masks, photographers and some other topics regarding Venezia and its carnival. The visitor of this page may find useful information for planning own trips to Venice. You should better hurry to click this link, as in times of carnival the page is taken off the net regularly because of bandwidth issues... We found this page on the link list of Helfried mentioned above. Silvano Candeo has stunning and splendid pictures of the Carnival. Most of them are really different from "classical" Venice pictures, rather extraordinary, telling a story. The viewer easily gets aware of the fact that Silvano is not just an excellent photographer, but also in the venetian carnival scene for several years. Go, visit! :-)
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