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who is sageo?
Sabine and Akimbo

The term sageo appeared for the first time on a bag destined for freezing, that contained delicious roulades. The creator of this term was Maria, mother of the first component part of sageo, Sabine. sageo meant that the frozen delicatessen were intended for Sabine and Georg. Since then, this term not only made it in our everyday speech, but also became our virtual address in the worldwide web.

photography our hobby nr. 1 for nearly 2 years now. In the beginning, we just took the camera with us when we made an excursion. By and by, we started to go on trips for the sole purpose of taking pictures. Our interest in photography didn't start before the development of digital cameras delivered really good equiment. What intrigues us is the fact, that you can see the results of your photographing immediately and not after several days. Besides, digital photography invites to experiment - both while taking thes picture and after that at home with digital image processing.

Georg with Aguja
favourite motifs

Speaking of favourite motifs: We've never knowingly chosen a certain area of photography as our preferred area. Over the years, animal photography seems to have developed to be our main focus. The cats of the neighbour are never safe from the pet paparazzi from next-door. sageo also love to take pictures of birds, especially birds of prey. This gets clear instantly if you have a look at the galleries on the main page... ;-)


Venice... A fellow photographer, Hans, invited us to join him and a goup of photographers, that intended to visit the world famous Carnival of Venice in 2006. We gladly accepted that invitation, as Venice seemed to be an interesting destination, especially in times of carnival. So we went there by an overnight bus journey that saw us sleepless because of the very limited room. Despite of that rather burdensome journey, the venice virus infected us immediately: So many beautiful and stunning masks posing for all those photographers from around the world, the relaxed and joyful mood in the city - a real paradise for everyone carrying a camera!

Within the next few days, we clicked our way around St. Marks Square. There was still some time left to have a guided tour and to learn lots of interesting things about Venice, its canals, campos and alleys. However, there were two downer: Our hotel was located on the Lido di Jesolo, which meant one and a half hour of travelling by bus and ferry each day, just to get to Venice, summing up to a total of 3 hours that were lost. The second downer was the fact that we went to Venice by bus, thus travelling quite uncomfortably.

So we decided to do it better next time: With a group of 8 people we went to the carnival 2007 with an overnight train, and we had booked 4 rooms in a B&B (air-line distance to Piazza San Marco 400m! :-) Our B&B turned out to be a lovely place (although the "breakfast" couldn't entirely satisfy our German morning habbits ;-) All in all, both measures were very successful in improving our traveling experience tremendously.

a big thanks to the masks!

Because our B&B was so near to Piazza San Marco, we succeeded in staying up very early and we really saw a nearly empty Piazza. We got there that early to take some pictures of this world famous place. We were very surprised when we saw a lot of masks at the time we arrived! We tried to imagine, when those poor folks had to get up to be able to be there at 6:30 am, fully dressed, looking splendid, posing for the few photographers that found their way so early as well... We met a lot of masks at this time in the three following days that early before sunrise - and the same people in the evening at San Giorgio, where they posed for us in the sunset. Those must be long back-breaking days!

You have to think of the fact that it's not easy for most of the masks to disrobe for the purpose of eating or drinking, not to think of other human necessarities. Some of the masks carry a substantual weight that must get heavier and heavier as the day proceeds. It's nearly unbelievable to see the enthusiasm and joy of those folks, who pose for hours for hundreds or even thousands of photographers, spectators and tourists, not to mention the groups of japanese people, who need to be photographed with each single mask in range of sight... ;-)

To cut a long story short: We'd like to pay a big compliment and to say a very big thank you to all those people, who invest all the time, the money but particularly the energy, the fantasy and the joy to produce those masks and the stamina to pose all the days during the carnival for everyone's pleasure! That's incredible, mille grazie!

We already look forward to the next Carnevale di Venezia and hope for nearly as good weather. An enhancement to this years' seems impossible. We'd be very happy if we met some of you again next year. According to our (so far limited) experience, there are many "repeat offenders", and as a matter of fact we seem to develop the like as well... ;-)

On this note, bis bald, see you, à bientôt and arrivederci!

Georg + Sabine

thank you! :-)